With German origins and Brazilian manufacturing, our work is based on generating value to our customers' portfolio through our technical solutions.

Our Business

Laser Parts
Metal made technical parts

As of 2017, the company added to its portfolio the development of parts and pieces to serve different industries, mainly in the agricultural machinery and transport segments.

OMT-VEYHL BRASIL, through the experience of its professionals and modern machinery and equipment has a wide variety of industrial processes, all in the same factory.

We offer complete and qualified solutions to meet our customers’ every need. We are an excellent option for the development of metal mechanic products of the most varied types, which include laser cutting, bending, stamping, calendering, welding, machining, finishing, painting, assembly, packaging among others. We have a structure of professionals, software and modern control laboratories that facilitate the development of products and processes for testing and approvals with our customers and certifying bodies.

Workspace Components
Metal components for furniture

We offer customized and eventually exclusive solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our application engineering is attentive towards the customer's specifications. Through an up-to-date, modern factory with internal resources, we deliver agility and quality to the products, meeting the demands of the corporate furniture market.

Currently, most of our delivered products undergo some form of personalization, making the CUSTOM-MADE the NORM for OMT-VEYHL BRASIL TEAM.

With German origins and know-how and local manufacturing, we are always looking for constant evolution. We strive to unite skills to build value to our customers by delivering technical and innovative solutions in the form of a product.

Our Location

Headquartered in Caxias do Sul - RS, one of the main metalworking centers in Brazil, it is installed in a manufacturing area of approximately 10,000 m2, and has certification of its quality assurance system in compliance with ISO 9001 standard.